The Research Institute of Clinical Medicine is a leading scientific institution with the biggest experience of research management. The scientific and clinical researches are permanently held on the bases of the Institute; new technologies, new methods of research and treatment are implemented in practice. The scientific-research work of the Institute is coordinated by the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia. The scientific activity of the Institute is governed by the Scientific Council. The main scientific direction of the Institute is: The Early Complex Diagnostics and Treatment. The Institute is the base for several professional medical associations: the Georgian Association of Radiology, The Georgian Association of Surgeons, and The Georgian Association of Endoscopists. The remarkable scientific achievements of the Institute have been presented on more than 200 international scientific conferences and congresses in Georgia and beyond its borders as well: in Europe, the USA, CIS countries. The Institute has a considerable experience in clinical researches and participates in international researches. Since the day of its foundation the staff of the Institute has achieved considerable success: 16 theses of the Doctor of Medical Sciences and 46-for Candidate of Medical Sciences have been defended, Institute has 21 inventions. More than 300 radiologists have taken training courses in radiology. Nowadays they work in different regions of Georgia.

3 State Prizes in Science, 5 National Prizes and 9 prizes of The National Academy of Sciences of Georgia have been awarded to the doctors of the Institute.

The results of researches of the Institute were published in 9 monographs and in more than 3000 scientific articles.

Under the ages of the Research Institute of Clinical Medicine scientific conferences and symposia are held. Scientific forums are dedicated to different issues, where the latest achievements of science and technology are reflected, the clinical experiences are shared, scientific researches are demonstrated, there is a live air from the operational block, etc.

There is a teaching process at the Institute where highly qualified clinicians and teachers are teaching here. An optimal condition for successful management of the teaching process is provided by the multitude of profile and the wide range of treating and scientific researches.

The Institute is the University clinic. On the base of the Institute there are functioning: Chair of Medical Radiology and Endoscopy of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Chair of Medical Radiology and Endoscopy of the State Medical University, postgraduate courses for Ph. D degree, residency program in Radiology, Computed and Magnetic Resonance Tomography training Center, where medical students, postgraduate students and physicians take theoretical and practical training courses.