Morning urine is needed for the common  analysis of the urine. The urine should be gathered after hygienic procedure.  In the lab it is delivered in special container that is given previously in the Lab or is obtained at the pharmacy. The urine is delivered in the Lab during  one hour, especially in summer when the air temperature is high. The test should be made in 2 days after the   menstrual cycle.

Bacteriology analysis of urine –  the middle portion  of urine should be put in special sterile container after corresponding hygiene procedure.  It is recommended to have the analysis before antibacterial treatment or between its courses. The material should be delivered to the lab not later than one hour, in other cases it is to be kept in the fridge.

To define creatinine clearance the urine is gathered by the above mentioned means. The patient should address the Lab not later than in an hour after gathering last  portion of urine because it is necessary to take creatinine in blood as well. The volume of urine should be examined by the patient.

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