The STA  Compact is an automated laboratory analyzer intended for analysis of
Hemostasis  testing. This analyzer can perform clotting, chromogenic  and immunological assays in true  random access.

The STA system has been designed to perform in vitro tests for diagnosis and
monitoring of hemostasis conditions.

This lab studies are  characterized  with maximum sensitivity and efficiency for all clotting tests with the Viscosity-Based Detection System

The following tests are carried out:

Prothrombin  time,  fibrinogen, thrombin time, III  antithrombin definition, definition of common and free protein S, antiphospholipid  antibodies, fibrillation factors, heparin.

It offers flexible operations: continuous sample loading, rapid STAT turnaround time, rerun or addition of tests at any time

STA Compact analyzer  has been developed around 4 concepts in full compliance with laboratories expectations: reliability, easy to use, safety and security, productivity.

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