The Laboratory is equipped with the equipments of the latest generation: 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer

(Life technologiesTM), 7500 RT-PCR System (Life TechnologiesTM), SimmpliAmpTM Thermal Cycler

(Life TechnologiesTM).

3500 Series Genetic Analyzer (Life technologiesTM) by means of technology of capillary electrophoresis

defines human DNA nucleotide consequence i.e. carries out gene sequencing.

This method is used all over the world as it defines gene mutations and the human predisposition to

different kinds of malignant tumors, such are: breast, colorectal, lung, ovaries, cervix uteri, thyroid, etc.,

BRAF, BRCA1, BRCA2, CDC73, CDH1, CDK4, KRAS, NRAS and etc. with gene sequencing method.

The definition of predisposition to tumors has a great significance for the prevention of diseases as it

enables to treat cancer before its revelation or on its early stage.

Indications of gene testing:

• to carry out research among those patients who have the tumors associated with gene mutations;

• to make researches among the family members of the affected patients;

• to make researches among the patients with anamnesis whose predisposition to cancer was not

positive in earlier researches.

Definition of the mutation by means of DNA sequencing enables to use purposefully the ultra modern

target preparations specially made for these mutations.

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