Head of the Laboratory – Maia Martiashvili MD
More than 500 diagnostic tests are available in the Laboratory, performed by the equipment “ROCHE DIAGNOSTIC, SYSMEX, HORIBA ABX, ABBOT, HUMAN, MOTIC, INTEGRA 400 PLS”, “COBAS MIRA”, “i-STAT”, “HUMASED-20”, “Agregometr AP 2110”, SYSMEX XT-4000i, “ABX Pentra-60”, “ABX MICROS, Start-4”.

It is carried out:

• hematologic, coagulologic, biochemical and several body fluids  investigations.

It is evaluated:

• blood cells, leukocytes functional-metabolic activity, iron metabolism.

• thrombin and fibrin intravascular product accumulations, thrombocytic vascular hermostasis parameters.

• carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism parametrs, enzymes, elecrolytic balance, microelements, enzyme antioxidants, the total antioxidants status, blood gases.

• acidifying and neutralizing function of the stomach.

Scientific trend:

• Display of informativness of the latest laboratory technologies in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, central nervous system and digestive tract diseases.

• the laboratory participates in axternal quality control international systems INSTAD (Germany), Bio-DEV (Italy).

The laboratory participates in postgraduation program in laboratory medicine.

For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19