Head of the Laboratory – Tinatin Cholokashvili MD.

The laboratory is equipped with modern microscopes, Bio Merix- Lachema and Bio Rad test-systems.

Automatic analyzer “VITEC – 2” of the French firm Bio Merius is functioning in the laboratory. The equipment gives high quality standard results at the international level. During the analysis, tacson of discharged microbes are precisely identified.

It is carried out:

• diagnosis of genitourinary infections: chlamidia, gardnerella, fungus, gonococcus, trichomonas, mycoplasmas, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus, toxoplasma,etc.

• gastrointestinal microflora investigation: dysbacteriosis, iersinia, enterocolitica, pathogenic enterobacteriosis.

• detection of rota- and adenovirus, helminths and intestine single-cell parasites and coprology.

• bacteriologic diagnosis of ocular, rhinopharyngeal, pulmonary diseases.

• evaluation of microflora causing inflammatory processes of wounds and ulcers.

• blood sterility analysis.

• study of the microbe sensitivity to antibiotics, chemotherapeutic preparations and bacteriophages.

• Spermogram.


For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19