Head of the Department – Valeri Abuladze MD, PHD

The department is equipped with X-ray diagnostic apparatus: “Axiom Iconos MD” and “Multix Kompact-K” of SIEMENS and ”Winscope Plessart” of TOSHIBA with digital fluorosystem, roentgenogram digital processing and archiving, with the mammography.

It is carried out:

X-ray diagnostics of the skeletal system pathologies

X-ray diagnostics of thoracic organ diseases..

morpho-functional evaluation of the esophagus, stomach and intestines, intestine dynamic examination, irrigoscopy with double contrasting. Dynamic postoperative observation of patients.

diagnostics of hepatopancreatoduodenal pathologies with digital image processing. Transparietal and intraoperative cholangiography, peroral cholecystography. The diagnosis of biliolithiasis, tumorous processes and functional disorders using retrograde pancreato- cholangiography.

X-ray diagnostics of urogenital system, functional state evaluation by routine and special methods of investigation. Intravenous urography, micturating cystography, uretherography, antegrade and retrograde cystography and hysterosalpingography.

mammography, ductography.

CategoryX-RAY Diagnostic

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