Head of the Department – Professor Akaki Nadareishvili

The department is equipped with US diagnostic equipments: Siemens – “Acuson Antares 3D/4D”, Toshiba – ”Artida 4D”,“Aplio XG” (4D), Siemens “Acuson X300”,  Toshiba “Aplio MX”, “Xario XC”.

It is carried out:

• ultrasound diagnosis of abdomen and hepatopancreatobilliary system, evaluating the type of vascularization of pathological formations.

• diagnosis of urogenital diseases, evaluation of types of vascularization in various pathologies.

• ultrasound diagnosis of kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate with ultrasound diagnosis of bladder and prostate with rectal transducer.

• ultrasound diagnosis of mammary and thyroid glands,peripheral lymph nodes, evaluating the type of vascularization of pathological formations.

• treatment of primary and secondary liver tumors with monopolar radiofrequency ablation with US control.

• color and power doppler of extra-, intracranial vessels carotid and vertebral (Willis circle, cerebral venous system, venous sinuses).

• color and power doppler of thoracic and abdominal of the aorta, vena cava inferior, portal system diseases.

• color and power doppler of abdominal vessels, upper and lower extremities

• ultrasound imaging of locomotor system.

• diagnostic punch biopsy with US control in different pathologies, drainage-treating manipulations.

• ultrasound examination of small pelvis in case of venous pathologies:

–the study of haemo-dynamic indices of united functional system – mother-placenta-fetus for evaluating growth and development of fetus.

–early diagnosis of fetal anomalies and revelation of pathological changes (minimal size of formations is 1 mm).

–simultaneous visualization of the body in 3D projections, detailed imaging of face, spine and limbs of fetus.

–carrying of spatial image of body structures on electronic carriers (disc, chips) in real time and sizes.

–future parents can visualize the growth of their child in the real regime of time.

• diagnosis of the pathologies of uterine cavity (septum of uterine cavity fold, polyp of endometrium).

• detailed evaluation of ovary architectonic sand panoramic picture of pelvic organs

For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19