Head of the Department Tengiz Gugeshashvili MD, PhD

The Department is equipped with modern surgical instruments for general surgery and less invasive

operations: the STORZ last generation endolaparoscopy device for surgical interventions among them

providing 3D imaging, the ultrasound knife “HARMONIC”, ERBE APC 300, monopolar radio frequency

ablation system (RITA), intraoperative X-ray and US equipment (SIEMENS).

Department carries out the following surgery:

• surgical treatment of the diseases of abdominal organs;

• surgical treatment of the diseases of thyroid glands;

• reconstruction of carotid arteries;

• treatment of the varicose diseases of the

lower limbs with endoscopic method;

• treatment of the abdominal organs with

laparoscopy method:

hemycolectomy, gastrectomy, colectomy;

• reconstructine surgery of esophagus

achalasia of hiatus hernia.

• appendectomy, splenectomy, adrenalectomy,

liver atypical resection, cholecystectomy,

hernia plastic surgery, etc.

• radical, organ-saving and reconstructive

oncology surgery:

esophagus, digestive tract-stomach,

small intestine, colon, rectum, liver,

pancreas, tumors of the retroperitoneal

space, bening and malignant small pelvis


pancreaticoduodenal resection;

laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19