Head of the Department – Tatia Aleksishvili, MD, PhD

The department is equipped with two gamma-cameras “E.CAM Systems” and “E.Cam Extended Dual Detector Systems” of SIEMENS.

It is carried out:

• thyroid scan, topographic evaluation of the gland, estimation of the functional activity of thyroid and/ or of volumetric formations.

• parathyroid glands investigation.

• mamoscintigraphy.

• myocardium perfusion evaluation in patients with ischemic disease and in a high risk contingent.

• investigation with TC-99M labeled erythrocytes (liver hemangioma, ventriculography, GI bleeding, etc.).

• determination of the lung perfusion, estimation of the lung functional state.

• estimation of the functional state of the liver parenchyma and billiary system.

• diagnostic of Meckel’s diverticulum.

• functional investigation of kidneys, evaluation of the kidney transplant functional condition, diagnostic of renovascular hypertension.

• bone scan in patients with oncologic diseases, in case of primary tumors and metastatic involvement; diagnostics of bone inflammatory pathologies.

• definition of the state of the peripheral lymphatic system, degree of permeability and lymphostasis.

• evaluation of the brain blood supply and perfusion, diagnostics of vascular pathology, and correlation of findings with other neurovisualization methods.

CategoryNuclear medicine

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