Head of the Department – Davit Berdzenishvili MD, PHD

The department is equipped with: a surgical microscope (CONTRAVES), videomonitor (ZEISS), a high speed electrical drilling machine (AESCULAP), ultrasound aspirator (Cusa), an intraoperative portable X-Ray and US apparatus (SIEMENS), a universal neurosurgery operating table. Neuronavigation system Easy Guide (Philips).

It is carried out:

• minimally invasive microsurgical treatment of the head and spinal cord tumors.

• transcranial and transsphenoidal transnasal surgery of sellar tumors.

• surgical treatment for traumatic and spontaneous intracranial hemorrahage.

• reconstructive operations on peripheral nervous systems.

• vertebro-matal fixation.

• transconjunctival removal of intraorbital tumors.

• microvascular decompression of cranial nerves.

• surgical stabilization of CI-CII by transoral approach.

• surgical treatment for different kinds of hydrocephalus.

• surgical treatment of the brain arterial aneurism.

• surgical treatment of the spine discogenic and spondylogenic pathologies.

• microneurosurgery of the neck disco- and spondylogenic pathologies, radiculopathy and myelopathy with anterior and combined anterior-posterior approaches.


For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19