Head of the Department – Nodar Lebanidze

The department is equipped with drägger anesthesia (Fabius Plus) and respiratory (SAVINA, T.Bird series Vela) apparatus, gas analyzers (VAMUS and RADIOMETERS), cardiomonitors (BIONET BM-3; Bionies quardian; Patient monitor; Drager infinity vista), infusators (Perfisor Compact; B/Braun; pilot. Ar; Optima VS), pulsoximeter MRTomogra (NONIN 7-500), blood Gas Analyzer (ABBOT i-STAT), beds (User Manual Rehabilitation CR-10), Invasive and Cardiomonitors of new generation Biolight Anyview.

The department investigates:
•    Common balanced anesthesia.
•    Total intravenous anesthesia.
•    Different methods of regional anesthesia.
•    Intravenous sedation at ambulatory surgery.
•    Ethiopathogenetic prophylaxis of algetic syndrome and its treatment.
•    Modern methods of treatment  with mechanical ventilation in the patients with acute lung injuries and with acute respiratory distress syndrome.
•    Competent anesthesic maintenance of childrens age groups for treatment and diagnostic procedurs.
•    New methods of anesthesia and intensive care.
•    Preparation of other diploma professional education according to resident program.

For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19