Head of the Department –Manana Ninidze PHD

The department is equipped with the up-to-date computer system “Film Digitizer Vidar VXR-12 Plus” intended for radiology film scanning and processing.

The department has professional contacts with the world leading university clinics in Germany (Munich, Bochum), Austria (Vienna, Graz), Switzerland (Geneva), US (New-York, Boston), Belgium (Leuven), Russia (Moscow), Turkey (Istambul).

Consultations enable to overcome some difficulties connected with diagnosis (second- opinion), to estimate the necessity of surgical, chemo- and radiation therapy.

The department has established communication through the telemedicine system with the different diagnostic centers of Georgia.

There is a local computer network available at the Institute which includes all the departments. The 24 hour internet access is available .

For emergency cases        ( +995 32) 234-81-19