ead of the Department – Natia Kajaia MD, PHD

It is carried out:

• diagnosis and treatment of the pelvic inflammatory diseases according to modern standards.
• diagnosis and treatment of the sexually transmitted diseases.
• diagnosis and treatment menopausal disorders:
–postmenopausal osteoporosis.
–psycho-vegetative and sexual disorders.
–urogenital disorders.
• evaluation and treatment of the infertile pair:

a. diagnostic cycle:

– monitoring of follice growth.

– postcoital test.

– examination of the uterine tubes, assessment of their patency.

– evaluation of the luteal phase of menstrual cycle.

b. therapeutic cycle:

– cycle of planned contacts, with or without ovarian stimulation.

c. insemination cycle with or without ovarian stimulation.

• diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders: polycystic ovary syndrome; adrenogenital syndrome; premenstrual syndrome; premature ovarian failure
• treatment of genital endometriosis and myoma.
• determination of causes and treatment of chronic pelvic pain.
• determination of etiology of spontaneous abortions and it’s treatment.
• familly planning and contraception.

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