Head of the Department – George Tsivtsivadze MD, PHD

National Prize Winner (2011)

The department is equipped with multislice CT “Somatom Sensation – 64“, “Somatom Definition EDGE” of SIEMENS, multislice CT “Aquillion One – 640“ of TOSHIBA, the monopolar radiofrequency ablation apparatus “RITA”.

It is carried out:

• diagnostics of pathologies of the brain, skull, chest, abdomen and pelvis, vertebral column and extremities.

• evalution of the brain perfusion.

• detection of the lung focal lesions by a special program.

• multislice CT-angiography to estimate anomalies of aorta and intracranial arteries, aneurisms, pulmonary artery thromboembolism, kidneys, carotid and extremity arteries stenosis and occlusion, to detect thrombus in major veins.

• detection of the liver arterio-portal shunt, evalution of vascular patern around tumors.

• multislice CT coronarography, evaluation of stenosis and atherosclerotic plaque morphology (lipid, fibrous and calcified) in coronary arteries, evaluation of the heart ventricle functional state.

• fast-track routine diagnostic oncology, staging and follow-up with a comprehensive software of the multislice CT. It provides a range of automated tools specifically designed for the detection, segmentation and evaluation of suspicious lesions.

• osteodensitometry for detecting osteoporosis and estimating its degree.

• treatment for the liver primary tumors and metastases using monopolar radiofrequency ablation.

• diagnostic puncture biopsy for the further cytologic and histologic investigations.

• sclerosing material administration under CT control, plumbing of the liver cysts, pancreas pseudocysts, puncture of adrenal gland and administration of sclerosing materials in case of Cushing’s disease.

• investigation of the biliary duct pathologies by the complex use of CT (including 3D reconstrutions) and endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography.

• Virtual bronchoscopy and colonoscopy using the special programs.

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