Head of the Department –Tamar Rukhadze, MD


Department of Clinical Oncology is ready to provide qualitative medical service to the patients based on contemporary medical achievements and applying highly-qualified personnel and technologies. Multidisciplinary team of the department includes: highly-qualified diagnosticians, clinical oncologists, morphologists, surgeons, radiologists, physiotherapists and international expert of palliative medicine and pain management.

Only in Research Institute for Clinical Medicine is possible to perform genetic analysis of oncologic diseases and targeting therapy planning based thereon that nowadays is considered to be the guarantee for successful treatment of cancer diseases throughout the world.

Patients in the department of clinical oncology are able to get chemo-, immune-, hormone- therapy as mono as well as poly-chemo therapy and in combination with radiotherapy in inpatient setting.

Department of Clinical Oncology enables to conduct the treatment under constant surveillance of skilled medical personnel that significantly reduces expected complications and facilitates overcoming of complex diseases. Highly qualified treatment is being provided to patients in accordance with the international standards considering the latest clinical recommendations and protocols.

Only in Research Institute for Clinical Medicine the patient can get supportive therapy along with the targeting oncologic treatment and go through post-chemo therapy or radiotherapy rehabilitation, pain management and symptomatic therapy.

Contemporary diagnostic-laboratory and instrumental researches within the institute enable the multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals to continuously review and evaluate patients’ status in dynamic mode. Weekly review – consultation is conducted in the department, where status of patients is evaluated by the professionals of various fields.

Professionals of Clinical Oncology Department are involved in different scientific trials and they often participate in international scientific and practical conferences and forums.

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