The Research Institute of Clinical Medicine is a leading treating and diagnostic institution in Georgia, which is equipped with modern diagnostic equipments. It is a university clinic. There are 5 operational blocks, the department of reanimation and the in-patient rooms. The Institute is acknowledged leader in certain fields of radiology and surgery. The Institute was founded in 1991. It is the main medical center in the field of medicine of the country.

In the Institute there is a training center of professional development of doctors. If you wish to master modern diagnostic and treating methods according the world standards that are used at the Research Institute of Clinical Medicine you may send your application for the individual courses of training. The subjects of the training are selected individually. After finishing the course trainees receive the certificate at the discretion of their qualifications. They have all rights that has the staff of the Institute, they are admitted to the operations and take part in researches.
Agfa HealthCare’s next generation imaging platform brings many clinical and technological innovations to the medical imaging department.

The key values IMPAX Agility brings to the medical imaging department are: single platform for Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS), reporting, 3D and clinical information reduces complexity, powerful task based workflow designed to achieve significant gains in clinical productivity, a more efficient workflow ,sectional reporting increases consistency and ultimately decreases report turnaround time,built to grow with Clinic’s imaging needs and ceaseless delivery of efficient patient care